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Children Jersey Set - Outdoor Clothing Shorts Kids Riding Equipment--504

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Ships From Hong Kong.

Quick-drying, breathable, moisture wicking. Granville of the cloth, have a stronger moisture wicking, quick-drying function, flexible, wear resistance and other characteristics.

Shirt size: 1/2 Chest: 41.5CM Sleeve Length: 34.5CM 

Pants size: 1/2 Waist: 24CM Length: 17CM Thigh: 16.5CM

Permeability: The waffle cloth, this product is hygroscopic 30% higher than ordinary fiber.

Dry: long-acting special yarn surface material, not only to expand the space between the fibers and the fibers, and more using the latest fiber technology Zhejiang layer, expanding external surface area of the heat generated when speaking riding, sweat quickly shoot through capillary action, to you dry and comfortable feeling.

Health: 100% natural green fiber, zero skin irritation, soft and full, maintain the original fabric elastic comfort, anti-UV, prevent ultraviolet radiation. Own original designs, dye-sublimation transfer process, soft colors and full, keeping the original fabric elastic comfort, varying fading. I wish you have a pleasant shopping.


How to Measure

  • Shoulder: Measure from the tip of one shoulder, across your back to the tip of the other shoulder.
  • Chest: Measure the circumference around the fullest area of the chest.
  • Natural Waist: Measure the circumference around the narrowest area of the waist.
  • Lower Waist: Measure circumference around the fullest part of the waist.
  • Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your body about 3 inches below the top of your hip bone or an inch or 2 above the top of your legs.
  • Sleeve Outer Seam: Measure from the top of the arm at the shoulder joint to the tip of your wrist with your arm slightly bent.
  • Pants Inseam: Measure from the crotch point to your ankle bone.

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