Cobra HE150B6P Hero Series 6-pack Bonus Kit (blue)

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16-Mile Kids Two-Way Radio

The Cobra HE150B6P 16-Mile 2-Way Radios provide ultra-clear long distance reception. 1 button selects from the 2 available channels while the volume knob allows you to adjust volume easily. The power saver circuitry extends battery life, and if there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to battery saver mode. Call alert provides an easily recognizable alert for incoming calls. The roger beep confirmation tone indicates the completion of the user's transmission and signals to others it is clear to talk.  Perfect for kids and novice radio users.

This bundle also includes 2 headlamps and 2 flashlights, making it the perfect outdoor value pack for kids up to experienced radio enthusiasts.


  • Up to 16-Mile Range
  • 22 Channels: Easy access to all 22 channels and works with other GMRS/FRS walkie talkie two-way radios
  • ULTRA-CLEAR long distance reception
  • Extended range capability provides up to 16 mile range
  • Front panel push buttons provide easy access to all 22 channels (7 mgrs./furs, 7Frs, 8 mgrs.) with other gimp/furs walkie-talkie 2-way radios
  • Allows the user to scan channels to locate conversations in progress
  • Battery Saver Mode extends the life of batteries
  • Headlamps for hands free illumination
  • Flashlights for emergencies and navigation in the dark
  • Great For:
    • Biking
    • Camping
    • Hiking
    • Picnics
    • Hospitality
    • Exercise
    • Restaurants
    • Retail
    • Vacations


  • 2x Radios
  • 2x Headlamps
  • 2x Flashlights
  • Belt Clips