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Knee-shin Elbow-forearm Guard Set For Racing Motocross Motocycle

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Ships from Hong Kong. They are comfortable and have a really excellent feature: the upper and lower straps on each side attach to a hard plastic piece on each side that snaps-on to the knee guard. What this means is that once you adjust the straps for a good fit, you can attach the guard over the front of the knee: just cross the snap-on pieces around the back of the leg and snap them into the knee guard. To remove, unsnap the attachments, and remove. No need to slide it on and off the leg. Multiple adjustable elastic straps and magic tape closures for secure fit for various knee girths. Set of knee thin elbow pads for Motorcycle. High quality protective pad, designed for safety and comfort. Great for Motorcycle motorbike, also appropriate for inline skating and riding bikes and scooters and other extreme sports. Condition:100% New / Suitable For adult.