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Unisex Bike-roller-bmx-cycling Integrated Molding Safe Light Helmet(blue-white)

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Ships From Hong Kong. Color: blue-white. There are eighteen holes for helping head effectively cooling and ventilation. The helmet is made by high-density foam material. It's lightweight, comfortable, shatterproof, anti-collision, impact resistance, high strength to withstand, safe and reliable. Hat helmet shell with special PC material and is high strength. So it can effectively protect the head of the first line of defense. It is easy to wear off and regulate, you can quickly adjust the bandage. Make sure adults have a fun and safe ride with the roller/ skateboarding helmet for infants and toddlers. In addition to several colorfully fanciful designs to help to keep your head cool.There's soft padding inside that feels great and a built-in visor for a bit of shade. This helmet is adjustable, enabling it to grow with you.